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Worlds Largest Airbrushed Dump Truck From Russia

Worlds Largest Airbrushed Dump Truck From Russia

The Worlds Biggest Dump Truck Art Car is brought to by airbrush artist Konstantin Eremenko over in Novosibirsk, Russia from his blog called Total Positive .
We have some big art projects such as Garbage Art Trucks, Art Tanks, Semi Trucks and recently a Pink Freight Ship but never a big-o-dump truck that was airbrushed somewhere in Russia. So the story goes something like this:

Somewhere in Russia there is snow covered factory that’s either abandoned or its the weekend. A bald dude with an airbrush is photographed air brushing the side of a Dump Truck. With then see a close up shot of the work in progress and then “Presto!!!”, a giant art Dump Truck emerges out of a side door and ready for a dump run. Love it it!!! I think we will be seeing more of Konstantine airbrush work here on Art Car Central.








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