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Wooden Art Car Called Gunner By Incredible Sculptor Michael Cooper

Wooden Art Car Called Gunner By Michael Cooper
Wooden Art Car Called Gunner By Sculptor Michael Cooper

Gunner Top View

Gunner Michael Cooper Top View
Gunner Wooden Wheel Close Up
Gunner Michael Cooper wooden wheel closeup
Gunner Pipe Close Up

Gunner Michael Cooper Pipe Close Up

Gunner Rear Disk Brakes Close Up
Gunner Rear Disk Brakes Close Up
all photos via Michael Cooper Sculptor

This wooden art car called “Gunner” was created by amazing sculptor Michael Cooper who resides in Sebastopol CA. It was created in 2007 and made up from 65 different types of hard wood. is 120″x60″x39″ and is owned by a private collector in Napa CA.

Not only does he live just down the street from me but I took my first 3D art class in college with Michael Cooper who inspired me to take more classes for the next four years that lead me into Graphic Design. He also encouraged us to start keeping art journals and 19 years later I have completed 23 of them.

Any ways Michael Cooper is simply amazing in the way he is able to combine wood and metal to create art that is simply mind boggling. I look at his works and cant for the life of me wrap my wind around his ability to twist and bend wood and metal in such a way. His art defies the laws of nature and has somehow tapped into a parallel universe where wood and metal naturally look this way.

Gunner is just one of the many pieces he has created and has been doing this since 1968. His portfolio is a must see, but we warned, give yourself plenty of time to browse and then come back for a second and third look. I guarantee you will never get tired of looking at his art.

Thanks Michael, its an honor to have you here on Art Car Central🙂

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