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The Super Duper Trooper Raygun by Robynn Sanders – RIP

The Super Duper Trooper Raygun by Robynn Sanders - RIP

The Super Duper Trooper Raygun in all its former glory.

The Super Duper Trooper Raygun by Robynn Sanders - Before The AccidentI am sorry to announce the passing of The Super Duper Trooper Raygun a Toyota SUV created by Robynn Sanders who recently finished a painting a MINI Couper called Animated Robots. It seems that the Raygun had a close encounter of the wrong kind and is now headed to the “Yard” on its last and final mission.

Here is what Robynn had to say about her art car.

“The Super Duper Trooper Raygun is
Highly Mobile, Interplanetary, Multi-Functional, Search & Destroy, Deatomizing Super Duper Trooper Raygun

Designed to protect earthlings from evil invaders. Equipped with Electro-fizzilating Cosmic Clouding Bubbles that cleanse the world of dirty doing, also Dual-action bastardy deed Destroying Darts, High Intensity Multi-wavelength Cosmic Rays that de-atomize evil invaders and last but not least Hypersensitive Sound Blasters.”

It was a cosmic and complex car, with many life saving properties and it will be missed.

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