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Squirly Whirly Art Car by Tré Taylor

Squirly Whirly Art Car by Tré Taylor
Squirly Whirly Art Car by Tre Taylor

Squirly Whirly Art Car by Tré Taylor was first seen at last weeks Maker Faire in San Mateo CA. It was one of the many art cars that came, but it was the only one that had never been seen before. Tré told me that she and her friend had just put the finishing touches the night before and drove it Saturday morning to be at the Maker Faire. She drove Squirly Whirly the slow way up El Camino to San Mateo from Santa Clara since Squirly had not been road tested for highway speeds. Squirly Whirly is actually the car formerly known as the candle car and Tré is also the creator of the famous Fahrvernpüssy Lounge now in the shop for some repairs. Squirly is covered in fans and the giant Squirel holding a nut is named Larry. Check out the video, its much better live.

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