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Space Junk Art Car by Rot N Hell

After six years Mr Rot N Hell a Canadian artist transformed this 76 Ford Maverick into the most incredible futuristic art car I have seen in a very long time. Its a masterpiece and it deserves a place here on Art Car Central. He spent two months a year and around $3,000 to attach virtually everything he could scavenge onto the body of his art car. There was no welding involved but instead used screws, caulking, bondo and fibereglass to attach all the junk he found. It started as something he just wanted to do as an answer to boredom and snowballed into the Space Junk Art Car. I saw this car at my first Art Car Fest in 05 and in 07 it was completed. By the way, never ever, ever, ever call his car the batmobile or he will “punch you in the neck”:) Thanks for doing an amazing job.

Space Junk Art Car by Rot-N-Hell

Space Junk Art Car by St Vincent Harvestore

Space Junk Art Car by Frank Synopsis
Space Junk Art Car by Rot-N-Hell
Space Junk Art Car by Photo by s7ere0
Space Junk Art Car by Dawn Endico

Space Junk Art Car
Space Junk Art Car
Space Junk Art Car


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