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Penguin Martini Shaker Car For Sale

Martini Shaker Penguin Car For Sale Martini Shaker Penguin Car Hood For Sale

This 1985 Mercury Grand Marqui penguin car is for sale for only 1000 bucks, only if you really really really want it now on craigslist. Its claim to fame, a single penguin martini shaker as a hood ornament, and a stuffed one in the back window. I think its time to cut back on the martinis for a while, I don’t know, I am just saying.

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Costas Schuler aka "The Pen Guy" who entered the world of art cars by creating the world famous Mercedes Pens Art Car covered in over 10,000 pens. From then he went on to create Art Car Central, home of the world's largest collection of art cars, art bikes, mutant vehicles and every other decorated vehicle known to man. Enjoy and if you see and art car please submit your today:)

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