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Oliver von Feistmantl on Art Cars

Le Baron Convetible Art Car
Oliver von Feistmantl 1993 Chrysler Le Baron Convertible Art Car Front
Oliver von Feistmantl 1993 Chrysler Le Baron Convertible Art Car Close up

Racebus Art Car
Oliver von Feistmantl Race Bus Art Car

Oliver von Feistmantl is a comic PoP artist from Vienna Austria that paints on pretty much everything, like houses, ships, snowboards, skateboards and even cars.
He started out as a graffiti artist in the 90´s but got arrested, so he decided to concentrate on legal ways to exhibit throughout Europe, Asia, the Caribbeans and NYC.

He makes acrylic paintings and sculptures in all sizes and in 2008 started to paint on a fishing boat in Thailand and in 2009 started to paint on cars.

The 1974 VW-Bus is called the racebus, because he got an engine from a Porsche 911 and was finished in October 2009. The 93 Chrysler Le Baron convertible was finished in 2010 and is the one he currently drives.

He hopes one day to come across a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow because its his personal dream to one day paint that car as well.

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