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Muffler Mobiles and the Muffler Shops that Made Them

Meineke Muffler Mobile Art Car
Meineke Muffler Mobile Art Car

I run into this muffler art car on Jalopnik last night and where there is one muffler car there is another.

This “Muffler mobile” was created by Joe, Scott, and Steve Minghelli, family owners of two Meineke muffler shops in Southern New Jersey. They started out by creating art from used mufflers laying around like muffler men, muffler dogs, muffler waffle irons and then one day got serious and made the Muffler mobile. They started out with a Datsun truck and stripped it down to its frame. Then they rebuilt the frame from exhaust tubing welded to the Datsun and then covered it with sixteen gauge steel panels to create the distinctive muffler shape. I guess if a muffler shop is serious enough about their muffler business to build a muffler art car, then they might be a good shop get your muffler replaced.

So here is the complete set of muffler shops around the country you might want to check out next time your car needs a new muffler. I wonder if these cars need to get smogged every hear?

Kelly's Pimp My Muffler Art Car
Kelly’s Pimp My Muffler Art Car via
Muffler Hut Pink Muffler Mobile
Muffler Hut Pink Muffler Mobile via
Steve's Muffler Mobile
Steve’s Muffler Mobile via
Keith's Muffler Shop Art Car
Keith’s Muffler Shop Art Car via
Seeburg Muffler Art Car
Seeburg Muffler Art Car via
Muffler Art Car
Muffler Art Car via
5 Star Mosaic Muffler Art Car
5 Star Mosaic Muffler Art Car via

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