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Military Art Car Project Needs Your Vote

ilitary Art Car Project Needs Your Vote
Military Art Car Project Needs Your Vote

Want to help your local community organization thrive? GOOD is teaming up with Brookside to “Give Back” to one nonprofit with the sweet treat of a $5,000 grant. Please vote for our application here.

The Idea

By pairing artists with U.S. Marines we seek to create a mobile message that carries the stories and experiences of combat into diverse populations. We aim to eliminate artificial cultural boundaries by offering a platform for honest and open discussion about war and peace. http://www.doartfoundation.org/

The Plan

The mobile narrative created by Active Duty Service Members will be toured to Music Festivals, VA Hospitals, and Public Schools. Showcasing the creative expression of fighting men and women multiplies the opportunity for service members to make real connections with the citizens whose freedoms they fight for. The $5000 Award will allow The DoArt Foundation to retain Principal Artist Bobby Furst for his contributions, in addition to providing the much needed funds to purchase the vehicle upon which the soldiers will tell their story. The Dec. 14th Awarding is ideally timed for the commencement of this project, when access to financial resources are most crucial.

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