Knitted Norwegian Art Car Beauty

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Knitted Norwegian Art Car Beauty

This colorful knitted art car named “Sonja” has received much attention driving around the roads Oppdal Norway. A Simca Talbot 1982 model, has in fact been covered from head lamp to tailpipe in woolen garments, nice and cozy in preparation for the cold winter nights.

A couple of years ago Sonja Shoes Heim, Brit Elin Rønning and Mary covered a bike with colorful knitted work that has so far withstood the Norwegian weather. They took up the knitted art car project this year in response to questions about taking up a larger project. After finding a suitable coupe they went at it and were able to completed the project within several months and results were fantastic.

I love the details especially the hand crafted air freshener tree hanging from the rear view mirror, the knitted license plate the cute flowers on the windshield wipers. Nice work lady’s, we are very proud to have you here on art car central.

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Photo: Yngvar Brekke

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