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Hot Turbo VW Radio Flyer Art Car Built by Todd Hall

Turbo VW Radio Flyer Art Car
Hot Turbo VW Radio Flyer Art Car Built by Todd Hall
Toby Hall is one of those people who will forever remain a kid at heart, just by looking at his latest creation. He recently built a full size Radio Flyer on a VW bug chassis, with a 1641cc flat-four and a Renault 5 turbo that will turn heads and burn rubber. Toby got the idea by watching Tool Time on TV during an episode when Tim the Toolman brought home a motorized Radio Flyer as a Christmas gift. He knew instantly that he had to build one and then went out and got busy. Toby spent a lot of time building his new toy with a tubed frame, bomber style seats, exposed engine and a great paint job. One the coolest features is the tow that can be pulled both by car and by hand when the handle is tilted down. Toby’s Radio Flyer was just featured in this months volksworld magazine out of the UK and its my prediction that his art car will go viral. So glad we could have another hot Radio Flyer along with the one Bob Castaneda built in the US back in 1996.
Turbo VW Radio Flyer Art Car With Other Radio Flyers Turbo VW Radio Flyer Art car Underneath 1641 Turbo VW Radio Flyer Art Car Engine

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