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Harrod Blank’s Automorphosis – Amazing art car movie now showing

Harrod Blank’s art car movie Automorphosis is now out and will be shown in selected theaters around the country. This is the most amazing and inspiring look into the minds and hearts of those of us out there who build and drive these works of mobile art called art cars. The movie is a humorous and touching journey as we discover what drives these cast of unconventional characters in their creative process. Some of the cars featured in this movie will be: The Camera Van, The Telephone Car , Salvation Mountain. In fact the whole reason art car central is here today is because of Harrod’s book wild wheels that inspired me to create the Mercedes Pens art car and then on to create this blog. So I am very excited about this movie and want the world to know about it.

The other big news is that David Silberberg’s film about Harrod life and career, “Oh My God, It’s Harrod Blank!” is going to have it’s World Premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City Utah January 16th.

Here are the play dates for the two films:


Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Jan 23 12:30 PM Victoria Hall, Santa Barbara CA
Jan 24 4:45 PM Metro 4 Theater 4, Santa Barbara CA
Jan 26 6:30 PM Victoria Hall, Santa Barbara CA

SF Indie Fest
Feb 14 5 PM Roxie Theater in San Francisco CA
Feb 17 7 PM Roxie Theater in San Francisco CA
Feb 21 7:15 PM Shattuck Cinemas in Berkeley CA

Big Sky International Documentary Film Festival
Feb 18, 10:30 PM Wilma 1 Missoula MT


Slamdance Film Festival
Feb 16, 3 PM, Main Screening Room Treasure Mtn. Inn, Park City UT
Feb 23, 10 AM Gallery Screening Room, Treasure Mtn. Inn, Park City UT

Harrod Blank will in person at all of his screenings and at David’s screening on the 16th so get there support the movie.

Harrod is also currently entering his film into as many film festivals as he can and it is looking good for Ashland Film Festival, and Santa Cruz. He will be doing a special screening in Lubbock Texas in April which will know about later and hopefully Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Mcallen all in April, May.

And hopefully the DVD will also be released around March.

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