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Flivver Art Car By Joy Johnston – Joy Hats For Sale

Joy Johnston and her art car, Flivver
Joy Johnston and her art car, Flivver
Flivver Parked
Fliver Parked
Flivver’s passenger door closeup
Flivver's passenger door closeup
Flivver’s wheel
Flivver's wheel
Flivver the Art Car is a 1987 Toyota Tercel that Joy Johnston got for free back in 2004. This is her third art car and is out of commission. After October Flivver will rest at East Jesus, Slab City, near Niland, CA where she will be converted to a permanent camper sculpture at Charlie’s compound. In addtion to her art car, Joy also loves to create custom crocheted hats of pure joy. During one Art Car Fest event she, along with the bay area art car girls made fleece hats for every one and I still wear mine every day, mmmmm so warm.

The Joy Hat Club
The Joy Hat Club
Catherine, Blondee wearing a purple and green ruffly doll part hat.Emilly Duffy and a lovely baby blue and green ruffly doll part hat.Kelly Lyles wearing her purple and green doll part hat.Charles Russell wearing singing doll hat.
Here is a group shot of some of the members of the Joy Hat Club, wearing their hats of Joy. If you love her hats, they will be available for sale at all Bay Area art car events.

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