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Finnjet Mercedes Art Car is Simply Incredible

Photo by Paul McRae

Photo by Kay and Kevin Rolfes
I finally tracked down this amazing art car I saw a while back on some TV show about weird and strange cars. The “Finnjet”, created by Antti Rahko is a 22-foot-long, 7,500-pound compilation of chrome made from 40 different cars, based on two Mercedes-Benz station wagons welded together. There are also parts from a 1962 Chrysler Imperial thrown in the mix, plus 86 lights and 36 mirrors added over six years. It also has three axles, two of which are steerable, a stove, microwave, freezer, TV, two air conditioning and even a sauna. The banner across the back that says “Thank You Lord For Humor”. Rahko who resides in Florida uses this car as a limo to pick up to 10 tourist from the airport. Once he was puled over by 10 state troopers and a helicopter with a very big light to ask “What is this?”

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