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Cyclecide Bikes – When men and scrap collide

When men and scrap bikes collide you get cyclecide , a group of other worldly creative genius who have taken it upon themselves to transform scrap bikes into death defying rides of pure fun.
Their mission statement best describes who and what they do.

“Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo is a club of alter-bike mechanics, mariachi-punk musicians and psychotic clowns who love bikes, beer and building stuff. Together we form a traveling pedal-powered carnival that is fun for people of all ages.”

Bellow is a great collection of art bikes they have created so far and the video puts it all together. These bikes are best understood live but the video is the next best thing.

Suburban Intruder aka Mower Bike

Bone Bike

Double Trouble

Moses on the 999 Chopper

Slouch Broom Bike

Mars Bike from BVSA

Rocket Bike from BVSA

Golden Gate Bridge Bike

Chupacabra with Flames

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