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Chicken Coupe 1971 Morris Traveler Art Car

Chicken Coupe 1971 Morris Traveler Art Car - After
Chicken Coup Art Car – After

Michael Thompson is the creator of this Chicken Coupe Art Car made from a beat up old 1971 Morris Traveler in the heart of Norfolk Broads.

He went looking for something a little more unusual to make into a hen house and asked a friend of his who owned a body-repair shop to keep his eyes peeled for an interesting vehicle that he could use.
Weeks went by when one day this beat up old Morris showed up on its way to the scrap yard and Michael took about thirty seconds to decide that this was what he was looking for in chicken coupe art car. 100 quid (bucks) later and a pint of beer it was delivered to Michael’s House.

The front end was a total loss so he chopped it up and used the back end that went on to become this really cool chicken coupe art car for Michael’s four hens complete with ramp and bumper sticker.

His final words on the matter were… “Re-use, Recycle… one planet – to the max!” via

Chicken Coupe 1971 Morris Traveler Art Car
Chicken Coupe Art Car – Before

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