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Classic Coupe Ford Metal Steve Heller Super Mod The Cro-Magnum The Marquis Desoto USA Video

New Car + Vintage Parts + Genius + Steve Heller = Heller on Wheels

I wrote about Steven Heller some time ago when I featured his 1960 Cadillac Fin Attach√© Case. He has spent many years building furniture out of vintage cars parts and now his journey heads off in a new direction. Most people who restore old cars stick with old cars, but Steve modifies new cars and […]

Battle Wagon Futuristic Hatchback Mad Max Sculptured Suburu Super Mod USA Washington State

Battle Wagon Art Car – Another one for the Apocalypse

Battle Wagon Art CarHaz-Mat Hatch Art CarBattle Wagon and Haz-Mat Hatch is another couple of those futuristic apocalypse mad-max art cars created by Todd up in there in Washington State. They might look ugly but they got it were it counts, two high-octane hi-carb Subaru wagons that hall out in a hurry when the mutants […]

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