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Argentina Books Falcon Fiber Ford Paper Sculptured South America Tank

Weapon of Mass Instruction – The Argentinian Book Art Tank Strikes Again

The Argentinian Book Art Tank – Via Today I found a posting about an Argentinian artist who has created a Book Tank called ‘Weapon of Mass Instruction” or “Arma de Instruccion Masiva”.  Raul Lemesoff converted a 1979 green Ford Falcon into a moving library cruising down the busy streets of Buenos Aires giving out books. […]

Fiber Honda Minivan Objects Glued Plastic Seatle USA

Ultimate Shoe and Hand Bag Accessory Car – Excessories Odd-Yssey Art Van by Kelly Lyles

Kelly Lyles in her Excessories Odd-Yssey Art Car – Photo by John Lok Well known flamboyant artist Kelly Lyles who is known for “Leopard Bernstein” and “For the Birds” art cars,  has now created another amazing art van called the “Excessories Odd-Yssey” using a Honda Odyssey minivan. This van is a reflection of her love […]

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