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Classic Coupe Ford Metal Steve Heller Super Mod The Cro-Magnum The Marquis Desoto USA Video

New Car + Vintage Parts + Genius + Steve Heller = Heller on Wheels

I wrote about Steven Heller some time ago when I featured his 1960 Cadillac Fin Attaché Case. He has spent many years building furniture out of vintage cars parts and now his journey heads off in a new direction. Most people who restore old cars stick with old cars, but Steve modifies new cars and […]

Classic Coupe Dodge Mix Media Rebecca Carhedral The Witchmobile

The Witchmobile! Another Art Car By Rebecca Carthedral

The Witchmobile! Another Art Car By Rebecca CarthedralThe Witchmobile with rear booster broomsPhoto by The Witchmobile is a 1962 Dodge Lancer decorated by Rebecca Caldwell the creator of the Carthedral and David Hilborn. Vexing, hexing, and perplexing from Oakland, California, the Witchmobile was created to bring art and craft (witchcraft!) to the mundane and […]

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