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Carpool For Dummies – Art Car Central Moron Alert

Car in a pool
There needs to be a book called Carpooling for dummies written by art car central that helps people drive and park in around swimming pools. Holy smokes!!! do we need special protective barriers around pools to stop some folks from driving their precious vehicles into the pool??? By the looks of it I think we do.
I want to know how on earth does one get that close to a swimming pool to actually drive their car into it. None of these cars is a Prius, so the sticky gas pedal excuse wont work here. Was there no parking space available left that the pool seemed like the next best thing? Was the pool gravity so strong that it just sucked these cars into them? The only answer I can come up with is “The Devil made them do it”, what do you think happened ? Some of the cars found in the bottom of these pools include: Mazda, Jeep, MiniVan, even a very expensive Rolls Royce, ouch!!!
Van in a pool Miata in a pool
Car in a pool Car in a pool
Car in a pool Jeep in a pool
Car in a pool Sation Wagon in a pool
car in a pool 4x4 in a pool
Corvette in a pool Truck in a pool
Rolls Royce Car in a Pool car in a pool

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