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Art Car submitted by Ghetto MySpace

Its not so much about this graffiti art car and the guy sitting pretty on the roof with the Gatorade bottle, as it is about guy who sent this picture. Dan Goodman stand up comic is the creator of a web site called Ghetto Myspace with real pics from the web’s worst hood that is both both fascinating and terrifying at the same time. I warn you, I got sucked into it 20 pages deep and viewer discretion is advised due to the mature nature of the photos.


Explicit Material Depicting:
men with guns, women with guns, kids with guns, guns with guns, lots of cash, art made with cash, more cash, people eating cash, gold teeth, booty shots, guns and cash, drugs and guns, drugs, cash and guns, art made with guns, guns pointed at you, dead gang members in coffins, tattoos and guns, tattoos guns and cash, tattoos and cash, strippers with cash, strippers with cash and guns, corn rows with guns, corn rows with tattoos cash and guns, the bird with guns, the bird with cash, the bird with booty guns cash and tattoos, babies and guns, dogs cash and guns and the one that freaked me out…babies with guns and cash.

You have been warned…

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