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4 Startfish + 4 Barbies = TWCRV aka The Worlds Cutest RV

I got an “art car” submission the other day for an RV owner who had about 4 star fish, 4 barbies,  one shark, three fish, one Easter bunny, one seagull, two happy faces, a cat painted tire cover, a bunch of burning man stickers, and two bikes. The rest of the RV is totally bare. At first I rejected the submission which I rarely do but I had a change of heart after I looked up the definition of an Art Car.

An art car is a vehicle that has had its appearance modified as an act of personal artistic expression. Art cars are often driven and owned by their creators, who are sometimes referred to as “Cartists”

I guess by definition the “TWCRV” AKA The Worlds Cutest RV is an Art Car. OK Sheldon, you made it to ACC, but promise me you will be adding more stuff and then send me a picture of your progress.

4 Startfish + 4 Barbies = TWCRV aka The Worlds Cutest RV

My definition of an art car here on Art Car Central is the same as the above definition BUT, I was looking for something that was a bit more “covered”. Like the Art Car Campers below.

Double Decker RV at Burning Man

Wesley Dezern’s RV, by artist Pat Waldron

Graffiti RV

Drive by Paintball RV Art Car

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