Month: December 2009



My name is Scott Williams and I have lived in Sebastopol for ten years. Even before I was in the process of learning how to drive I knew, without a doubt, what my car would look like. I told everyone my idea of dropping a whole can of orange paint onto whatever car I owned, […]

CB Radio Electric For Sale Mitsubishi Sound

CB Radio King Rules the Air with $25,000 Of Communications Gear In A $500 Car

Via Jalopnik Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!This $500 Dodge for sale is covered with $25,000 Of Communications Gear for every conceivable band (FM/UHF/HF/VHF/SPACEMAN). It deserves a mention first because of the obsessive nature to cover ever conceivable service with multiple objects of the same genre and second because of the stunning overall visual effect it creates. The equipment […]

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