Month: August 2009

Classic Coupe Dodge Mix Media Rebecca Carhedral The Witchmobile

The Witchmobile! Another Art Car By Rebecca Carthedral

The Witchmobile! Another Art Car By Rebecca CarthedralThe Witchmobile with rear booster broomsPhoto by The Witchmobile is a 1962 Dodge Lancer decorated by Rebecca Caldwell the creator of the Carthedral and David Hilborn. Vexing, hexing, and perplexing from Oakland, California, the Witchmobile was created to bring art and craft (witchcraft!) to the mundane and […]

Apocolypticop Car For Sale Mix Media

Apocolypticop Cruiser FOR SALE – Fashion Police Artcar to Intercept the Ordinary!

Apocolypticop Art Car and CreatorApocolypticop Art Car FrontApocolypticop Art Car Rear WindowApocolypticop Art Car Inside DashApocolypticop Art Car Roof Mounted ArsenalYet another Art Car for sale and this time its an ex police interceptor purchased back in 2000 with a 5.7 v8 engine with only k200 on the clock. This one is called Apocolypticop Art […]

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