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19 Donk Cars Covered in Candy Paint

Fruity Pebbles Donk Art Car
Some time ago I posted a video about a cars covered in Cheetos and Doritos vinyl graphics, and the other day I found the ultimate Facebook car called a “Donk”. I got some grief over it because one of my art car friends did not think it was considered an “art car”. For me its a unique form of expression that deserves some face time here on Art Car Central. They also look like a lot of fun to drive around in so I managed to find 19 top corporate brand covered cars with famous cereal, snack and drink names.

These “hi-riser” or “sky-scrapers” cars have gigantic rims ranging from 22″ to 30″and extremely high ground clearance that resemble urban 4×4’s,  are called “Donks“. The term “Donk” came from the impala symbol on any Chevy impala from the year 1971 to 1976, because the symbol looked like a “donkey”. It became popular in the south to cover these cars with name brands using vinyl car wrap technology.

The most popular type of car used are Chevrolet models, namely the Impala, Caprice, Monte Carlo, and Chevelle. Other models that are frequently made into hi-risers include the G-body Buick Regal, Oldsmobile Cutlass, El Camino, Pontiac Grand Prix, and Pontiac Bonneville.

So for your sweat tooth, cereal and salty snack enjoyment, I present to you 19 tasty Donk car treats.

Cheetos Donk Art Car You Hoo Donk Art Car Gatorade Donk Art Car
Crunch Donk Art Car Three Musketeers Donk Art Car Whoppers Donk Art Car
Skittles Donk Art Car Reese's Donk Art Car Hershey's Donk Art Car
Lucky Charms Donk Art Car Frosted Flakes Donk Art Car Fruit Loops Donk Art Car
Kool Aid Donk Art Car Lemonhead Donk Art Car Sunkist Donk Art Car
M&M's Donk Art Car Fun Dip Donk Art Car Trix Donk Art Car

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