Welcome to the New and Improved Art Car Central

Art Car Central was started by Costas Schuler as a result of having created his own art car called Mercedes Pens art car covered in over 10,000 pens. He went looking for a web site that would feature his art car but there was non available. So art car central was born.

After I started gluing pens to my car I begun to delve deeper into the word of art cars and the people who created them. I was fascinated by the all the different ways people had decorated their cars, with paint glued objects and radical sculptured cars. The more I searched the more art cars I found and art car parades to go to happening around the USA and Europe. I even found one close by called art car fest that I have been a part of since 2005 when I barely had any pens on my car.

After about 3 years I run into a problem of trying to categorize different types of vehicles so I went into overdrive and broke down art car central into various categories. I made it easier to find different types of car by medium, type, make, themes and country of origin. I also added every vehicle that was decorated and/or modified in some way. I have bikes, scooters, motorcycles, mutant vehicles, boats, trucks, buses, salvage, budget, super and extreme mods. And now racing and rally cars.

My vision for Art Car has always been to capture the art cars of the world and honor the work of those who are bold enough to create them and drive them around. By partnering with street safari we are adding yet another stream of art cars that the world needs to know about and enjoy. Since I am not in “know” about rally cars, Justin Clements will be writing for ACC once a week and bringing his rally car expertise to the table, which I am very excited about.

About Art Car Central

Costas Schuler aka "The Pen Guy" who entered the world of art cars by creating the world famous Mercedes Pens Art Car covered in over 10,000 pens. From then he went on to create Art Car Central, home of the world's largest collection of art cars, art bikes, mutant vehicles and every other decorated vehicle known to man. Enjoy and if you see and art car please submit your today:)

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