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Sentrasaurus Art Car for Sale – Mythical Beast Going Cheap on Ebay

Sentrasaurus Art Car for Sale - Mythical Beast Going Cheap on Ebay
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Oh goody, the Sentrasaurus Art Car is now up for sale on eBay for those of you looking for a “Dinosauraus Mosaicus” built on a Nissan Sentra. Richard is trying to unload this mythical beast on the cheap so he can raise money for his next art car project. here is the more on the art car.

Vehicle Description: The Sentra now know as “Sentrasaurus” for it’s abstract dinosaur resemblance began it’s transformation into an art car in late 2008 for the Houston Art Car Parade which it has since appeared in 2009 and 2010. The exterior consists of a skin made of mosaic stained glass and mirror structures (spikes) creating a spine down the center. The entire vehicle is covered with mosaic glass which is glued on with silicone adhesive and was later grouted to fill in the cracks. The mirror spikes are soldered together and are screwed into the body of the vehicle. The added weight from the extra glass, silicone, grout, and mirrors is unknown although we would probably estimate around 150-200lbs.

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