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Pokémon Covered Art Car

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This 2003 Dodge Neon SXT covered in 1500 Pokémon cards was posted on eBay for sale by a college student and his friend who spent 25 hours covering the car. I think he should have waited for the car to become a classic before selling it, it could happen. Below is the listing info from the auction:

• Never smoked in

• No current mechanical problems – drives great

• It is a manual with a short stick installed – for smoother shifts

• There are a lot of miles on it – but they are mostly highway (I went to University of Texas at Arlington and I lived in Plano. For those of you who don’t know, that’s about a 40 mile drive.)

• I’m the second owner of this car and in my opinion, it’s a GREAT first car. It gets 27/30+ MPG and is truly unique.

• The only problem with the car is the seats. There are some stains that would be removed if the buyer meets the reserve

• The car is worth at least $5,000 and like I said, I really am a poor college kid…

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