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Painted Planes with Character

Mickey Mouse Art Airplane
Mickey and Minnie Mouse Jet

These painted airplanes have what you might say a lot of  “character”, that is cartoon characters all over them.  Some airline companies have decided to brighten the sky with airplanes completely covered with animated cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pokemon, Woody Woodpecker, Homer and Marge Simpson, I know I would love to fly in one of these. via Dark Roasted Blend
Mickey Mouse Art Airplane
Mickey and Minnie Mouse Jet (image credit: Simon Brooke)

Pokemon Jet
Pokemon Jet All Nippon Airways, photo by Michael F. McLaughlin

Pokemon Jet
Pokemon Jet Another All Nippon Airways, photo by Kota Murahashi

Pokemon Jet
Pokemon Jet (image credit: Shotaro Shimizu)

Woody Woodpecker Jet
Woody Woodpecker Jet (image credit: Xu Zheng)

Simpsons Jet
Simpsons Jet Simpsons livery, photo by AirNikon



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