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Mercedes Art Car or Illuminati Conspiracy

Mercedes Art Car or Illuminati Conspiracy

I am not sure what a half a Mercedes art car with the face of Karl Max and Jimi Hendrix means but here are some thoughts.

1) Goofy kid who thinks that Karl and Jimi were in a band together.

2) Artistic commentary: Karl Marx a German communist philosopher wrote against the capitalistic system in his Communist Manifesto is represented in this half Mercedes Art Car.

3) Its part of a secret government conspiracy and the government media complex funded by George Soros backed by the Bilderberg Group with roots in the Illuminati.  Their goal is to take over the world, and create a one world government in which the elite will rule the masses. They will do this by collapsing our current economic system and then setting up a new system making it mandatory for everyone to get implanted with a bio chip aka “the mark of the beast” in order to buy and sell products. They will start by cutting Mercedes cars in half, painting them with images of Karl Marx and then attaching them to federal buildings as a sign that the end is near.

4) Just a Mercedes Art Car.

What do you think this means???



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