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17 Reasons To Drive A Wooden Art Car

I got this wooden VW art suggestion from Kelly Lyles the other day so I had to post this. I got carried away and spent a couple of hours looking for more of these wooden wonders. I am sure there are benefits to owning a wooden art car so here we go, my top seventeen reasons to drive a wooden art car.

1) Babe Magnet

2) Great View

3) It floats

4) It floats and its faster

Livio De Marchi from Venice, Italy created these three and two of them float, I wonder why?

5) Giant Door Wedge


6) Smaller Door Wedge

Little Splinter
created artist Isaac Cohen who is a regular at the Houston Art Car Parade.

7) Classy Dinner Table

The car is built from scratch from Friend Wood entitled the Tryane II, took almost 2000 hours to create. It weighs in at about 900 pounds & is capable of 100mph. This is much better than any log ride out there! I love it.It took furniture maker Friend Wood, 46 over 2 000 hours to build his three-wheel, tear-drop shaped car. Named ‘Tryane II’, it was built around a basic mould using a boat-building technique known as ‘cold moulding’. Mr Wood (yes, that’s his name) then built up layers of African mahogany. The two-seater is an adaption of the classic four-wheeled 1969 Citroen Diane and uses the chassis and 602cc engine from a Citroen 2CV. It weights 900 lbs, is 13 feet 7 inches long, 5 feet four inches wide, and four feet four inches tall. With a top speed of approximately l00 mph, it has a fuel consumption of up to 70 mpg.

8) Zamboni on wheels

This wood car was created as a promotional vehicle made by a furniture company in Japan with a max speed of 80km/h.

9) Better Snow Traction

This Opel car which has been stripped of all the metal on the chassis and been replaced with wooden planks.

10) Stealth WWI Machine

11) Urban Safari Trips

12) Get Away Car

13) Better parallel parking?

14) Makes the rims look really nice

15) Wild Life Preserve

16) Pick up time machine?

17) If life gives you wood, make an underpowered wooden death trap

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